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Body Alignment Therapist

I practice several healing modalities including Bowen Therapy, Voila Method, Pranic Healing, Zone Technique and Visceral Manipulation. I also continue to explore additional modalities with an open mind to new systems and techniques. In the past, I was a Certified Advanced Rolfer and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

I am thankful to be mentored by so many dedicated practitioners and hope to be of service to you.

    Bowen Therapy

    A muscle relaxation technique that help the body heal itself.

    Structural Therapies

    Body alignment techniques including Voila Method, Visceral Manipulation and scar tissue release work.

    Energetic Healing

    Modalities that stimulate energy flow in and around the human body to restore balances.


    Comments from  My Yelp Page »

    “I have been seeing Karen Asato for Bowen Therapy and Rolfing for over 5 years now. She is a wonderfully intuitive healer with a deep knowledge of the human body and how it works. She spends a lot of time building her knowledge with higher levels of certification and so she is always plugged into the latest healing techniques.”

    Shirley T.

    “Karen worked wonders and made major progress with my shoulder, which had been messed up for almost a decade. I’ve got full range of motion back, and my alignment is much, much better. She’s also super friendly, and made sure to explain what it was she was doing and how to keep up proper maintenance to not undo the progress. Definitely worth it, thanks Karen!”

    Keola K.

    Karen Asato has a special blend of technical knowledge, intuition, and passion for creating healthy and balanced bodies.  She has an excellent temperament and brings much positive energy to the sessions.  She is like a super happy detective who is on the case, and searching for ways of helping align your body!

    Erik J.

    “It was quite “different” from what I usually get and Karen showed me that I was quite “frozen” in the chest area and actually hunched over. After our treatment, we both felt so amazing and restructured it was so AWESOME!  I feel so much more “OPEN” and my posture is so much more balanced and erect. 5 Stars for you Karen. Mahalo Nui Loa!”

    Ijeva B.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Bowen Therapy?

    Bowen therapy is a hands-on therapy that is applied using gentle pressure. Thumbs and fingers are used on precise points of the body to perform sets of moves that stimulate muscles and soft tissues. Unlike chiropractors, Bowen therapy does not manipulate or adjust hard tissues and no force is used. The Bowen therapy experience is gentle, subtle and relaxing.

    How Does Bowen Therapy Work?

    Bowen therapy works on the theory that gentle moves over precise body points prompts the body’s ability to relieve pain, restriction and imbalance. It does so without the need for deep, manipulative or forceful treatment. Bowen therapy “moves” neurological impulses to the brain resulting in relaxation and pain reduction. Bowen therapy also creates electrical impulses to the nervous system that inform the body on how to regain movement in joints, muscles and tendons. Common results include relief of muscle spasms and increased blood and lymph flow.

    What is Body Alignment Therapy?

    I diagnose body alignment deficiencies and treat with various therapy options as I find appropriate (I am a licensed massage therapist, former Advanced Rolfer ~ I no longer maintain a Rolfing License due to cost considerations, and have studied many other modalities such as Reiki and energy healing). I often refer people out to other practitioners as no one modality is right for all people and all circumstances.

    What Should I Wear to Sessions?
    For both Bowen therapy and body alignment sessions, loose comfortable clothing is fine.
    Payment Methods

    You may pay by cash or check. I don’t accept credit cards.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please call at least 24 hours in advance to change or cancel appointments.

    No Show Policy

    Those who have missed appointments in the past will be required to pay at least one week in advance for new sessions. Please note that advance payments are non-refundable and forfeited in the event of a future missed appointment.

    Gift Certificates Available

    Ask about Bowen Therapy gift certificates. They’re a great way to bring comfort to the ones you love. You can get them in any denomination and by multiple session.

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