A few years ago, I took the leap to become a full-time Bowen Practitioner. This was because I truly believe in the power of The Bowen Method. And I’ve seem amazing results from it.

I don’t take results lightly. And I believe I have a good eye for body alignment and functionality. You see, I’ve been a certified Advanced Rolfer and before that a licensed massage therapist for decades. Oh my… I hate to admit that, but, yes, I have some experience on my tires. But the good news is that I still have some rubber left! 🙂

A Devoted Bowen Practitioner

In any event, I see how so many of my clients have benefited from my becoming a Bowen practitioner now. So I’ve dedicated a re-tread of my career to integrating Bowen Method into my practice. that includes re-pregramming my brain to go to Bowen practice first. And beyond that, to do the more mundane business stuff like re-printed my business and gift cards. Then there’s getting my husband Steve and his digital marketing agency to work over my website.

I’ve also restructured my treatment room to accommodate the option for two clients to get treated at once. The Bowen Method in practice includes short resting breaks that follow “moves” to allow changes to “bake-in.” This means that I can switch back and forth between two clients. It also means that pairs of people can save money as I give a discounted bulk rate for pairs service.

Next on my agenda is to continue to take classes on Bowen and other related modalities. I travel at least twice a year to conferences and seminars in search of the secrets on how to live better in your body. It’s amazing how deep the topic is and how many viewpoints and perspectives come into play. But it makes for a fun and helpful life. Thanks Bowen Method for allowing me to become a Bowen practitioner!