Let me count the ways I’ve seen “Bowen Therapy” misspelled: Bowan Therapy, Bown Therapy, Bowing Therapy and Boen Therapy. Even Google sees them these way! So to clarify, here’s how to spell Bowen:




The root of Bowen Therapy comes from The Bowen Technique, a type of physical manipulation named after Australian Thomas Ambrose Bowen (Tom Bowen) (1916–1982). Tom Bowen described his approach as a “gift from God”. In 1975, several years before his death, the government of Victoria, Australia reported that Bowen treated an estimated 13,000 patients per year, with an 80 percent success rate in symptoms that were associated with a wide range of conditions.

The Birth of Various Bowen Techniques

Bowen did not document his technique, and as a result its practice after his death has followed one or other differing interpretation of his work. It was not until some years after his death that the term “Bowen Technique” was invented.

Bowen Technique goes by a wide variety of other names including: Bowenwork (American Bowen Academy). The American Bowen Academy, formerly Bowenwork Academy USA, is the only internationally recognized organization in the U.S. that offers certification, provides standardized, high quality training, and supports current and future Bowenwork practitioners and instructors with resources and opportunities in an expanding healthcare field. People of all ages respond to Bowenwork according to what their bodies need. Bowenwork is extremely effective in helping with a variety of acute and chronic ailments, including back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions that often do not respond to more conventional approaches. Find out more about the benefits of Bowenwork, and search for a practitioner in your area.

While the name “Bowen” exists in various forms and brand names like “Bowenworks” the root word always emirates from the founder, Thomas Bowen.