We were very excited to Bowen Therapy training by Kelly Clancy of Seattle Center For Structural Medicine at my place to teach Bowen Therapy, specifically “Tensegrity & Fascial Lines” this past February 14-15.

It was a enlightening Bowen Therapy training session with many of our local Honolulu ohana of Bowen Therapists gathering to share ideas and techniques. What impressed me the most was the depth of experience and variety of modalities that feed off of Bowen theory and practice. Each of the participants had their own spin on Bowen training and how to best apply it in various circumstances.

Over two days of Bowen Therapy training, 8 Bowen practitioners came together to see Kelly’s approach to Bowen technique. As it happens, Kelly runs a very large and successful clinic up on Seattle. Like may Bowen practitioners, she has other  healing skills that she brings to the table including being a certified physical therapist. Her approach to Bowen is therefore more clinical than many of our practices are. It’s just so interesting to see how each practitioner diagnoses and treats issues.

Best of all, my husband Steve got to be a Bowen Therapy training model and oh did the girls straighten him out!

Kelly’s Bowen Therapy Training & Practice

If ever in Seattle, check out Kelly’s practice. This from Kelly’s website: “Seattle Center for Structural Medicine is a mindfulness-based therapy practice. The human body is an amazing and complex matrix of systems working in harmony with one another to maintain a balance of optimal health and function. Our mission is to help support you during your journey toward a more balanced body and lifestyle. Seattle Center for Structural Medicine is also the home of Balance OT, Fjord Therapuetic Massage and Vibrant Health.”

Looking forward to the next Bowen Therapy training session! Thx Kelly and all for attending!